Puppets of Grace

Puppets of Grace


The Puppets of Grace United Methodist Church have been in existence since 1995.     Leland and Diane Spencer have been the driving force behind the weekly rehearsals and semi-annual shows since they attended a Christian Educators conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They, along with many other adult support staff, oversee the puppet skills of 15-20 youth behind and in front of the stage every week from September through May.  The team presents an all new show every spring and Christmas.  The program usually consists of 7-9 puppet songs (Christian parodies of popular songs), as well as in-house talent of our puppeteers between the numbers.  Most programs last 45-60 minutes.

The group will do morning worship programs, banquets or shows for almost any occasion.  They are self contained with all their own equipment.  All programs are upbeat and musical, presenting a message of Christ to audiences of 2 years old through 102 years of age and all shows offer a Christian message of love for all through Jesus Christ.  Our shows are perfect for all denominations.  90% of the youth that join the team at the 4th grade level stay with the team through high school or longer.  The Puppets of Grace have won many awards in competitions in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


To book a show, please book in October for Christmas Shows and after February 1 for Spring Shows.  Our dates fill up fast. Call Leland or Diane at 330-499-3860 for further information or to book a show.

If your child is interested in being on the Puppet Team, please contact Leland or Diane Spencer or call the church office at 330-499-2330.  Your child must be in the 4th grade or older.  Adults are also welcome.  This group meets for practice on Sunday evening from 4:15-6:00 p.m.

Upcoming Performance Dates:
 May 21 @ 10:00 am we will have a one worship service in the Family Life Center.  Hear the gospel presented by our puppets.